This Logan Square bar rocks leather booths, old-school light fixtures, a classic tin ceiling and a vinyl soundtrack to create the dark, nostalgic feel of a 1970s neighborhood tavern where beer, cocktails, simple pizzas and free popcorn make up the menu along with shuffleboard bowling and a seasonal patio.


Logan Square’s newest watering hole, The Native, looks like it was plucked from rural Wisconsin.

The simple decor — leather booths, retro lighting and lit-up beer signs — gives the bar, 2417 N. Milwaukee Ave., a homey feel similar to that of Bonny’s, the late-night dive bar that came before it.

Aside from the fact that the new layout doesn’t allow for a dance floor, Jared Savvochi, who owns the bar with his wife, Carly, isn’t planning to play much dance music. Instead, he’s bringing in vinyl records — everything from My Morning Jacket to The Beastie Boys — from his personal collection to play in full.


After four years of dormancy in Logan Square, the former Bonny’s space will be ready to rock on Wednesday, reborn as The Native. While Bonny’s was a beloved dive bar that erupted over the weekends into a late night dance party, The Native looks to be more low key, carving its identity as a neighborhood bar with 1970s decor.

First-time bar owners Jared and Carly Savocchi haven’t reinvented the wheel. For those who partied at Bonny’s before it closed in 2012, The Native isn’t unrecognizable. Over in the back, there’s a shuffle bowling game if guests are bored with their company or their competitive juices kick in and need an activity. There’s one TV and there’s a patio with room for 50.

The food situation is simple: Free popcorn and frozen pizzas that hopefully won’t burn the roofs of guests’ mouths off. 10 beers are available on draft and there are a few house cocktails.


First-time saloon owners Jared and Carly Savocchi are going for a throwback vibe with their bar The Native (2417 N. Milwaukee Ave.), opening in Logan Square sometime in November.

The couple are opening The Native in the space that once held the dive bar Bonny’s, which closed four years ago. The new spot will offer beer and spirits and very little food (free popcorn, heat-and-serve pizza) in a space pushing vintage ’70s and ’80s decor. Listen to full albums on vinyl as you sip your suds from a frosted mug and play the bar’s vintage shuffleboard bowling game.

And with just four booths in addition to the 17-seat bar, you’ll have plenty of space to mingle.

The Native will be open until 2 a.m. every night except Saturday, when the bar will close at 3 a.m. It will be cash only.


Notorious 4am bar Bonny’s was the home of many late night dance parties for two years in Logan Square, before closing in 2012. The space remained empty until November 2016 when owners Jared and Carly Savocchi gave the bar a new look and feel, reopening the space as the Native. The neighborhood bar is outfitted with ’70s décor, including big leather booths and a maple bar that feels unpretentious, with both a solid craft beer list and budget-friendly domestics available. You’ll find free popcorn and $10 frozen pizzas too, making this feel like the ideal place to meet up with friends for beer instead of fancy bites and cocktails.

The bar might be relatively new, but members of the community have already started to find their home as regulars—burning through scratch-offs with vodka sodas while Dolly, the resident dog, cleans up any of the free popcorn they’ve spilled. The brief cocktail menu boasts drinks like the Woods—a muddled mix of Yellow Chartreuse, Vida Mezcal, Martin Miller’s Gin and Ancho Reyes that lacks a defined taste. You’ll find twists on a Negroni (made with Malört) and a Wisconsin old-fashioned, but you might be better off ordering a beer.


The Native (2417 N. Milwaukee Ave., Logan Square) is a basic bar in a good way. In the space that once housed the beloved Bonny’s, the Native’s gone minimal-frills, with a streamlined cocktail and beer list and a crowd of exceptionally chill drinkers lining its stools.

The music comes courtesy of a record player behind the bar, and the rest of the vibe is decidedly retro as well. You can snack on free popcorn as you drink, get in a round of shuffle bowling, or just hang out. Inevitably you’ll start making friends with the people down the bar from you, and you’ll feel remarkably at ease, which is what the place is all about.


Any bar that boasts, “Voted the #1 bar in Chicago, by us,” is worth checking out. That bar is The Native, a neighborhood watering hole in Logan Square that not only has a sense of humor, but also has free popcorn. The family-owned tavern is decorated to evoke a sense of nostalgia — retro light fixtures hang over leather booths, beer is served in frosted mugs, and vinyl spins on a phonograph. The shuffleboard bowling game, neon beer signs, and cash only policy also add to the vintage feel of this modern renovation on Milwaukee Ave.